Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The 12 Days of Mattie's Birthday

The 12 days of Mattie's birthday started Friday, with cupcakes and juice boxes, for her friends at school. Then, Friday night, my mother had a cookout for the June Birthday's which included; Clint (17th), Josh (20th), Mattie (22nd), Nikolas (27th) and Sherry (28th). Josh was asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. He was a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so that's what he chose. Unfortunately, Publix does not offer this as an option. Not wanting to disappoint my baby cousin, I made one for him.

The next morning, 10:00-12:00 to be exact, Mattie had a party at "Jump Z@ne". A huge building with many inflatable bounce houses with slides and such. A great party place for parents. I didn't have to do anything except sing Happy Birthday! It was great and the kids had a blast.

When her Jump party was over, Mattie asked to have a "special day" with mommy and daddy. Nathan was at Mimi and PopPop's because we knew we could not keep up with him at the Jump place. Therefore, Mattie knew how to work it to her advantage.
When we left the Jump Place, we went to Ch**burger Ch**burger for lunch. Then we took her to a place in the mall where you build your own "bear". Too bad for Mattie that she has been raised as an Alabama fan embedded into her blood and it was clear that there was no choice about which bear, turtle, monkey to make, obviously it would be an elephant. She was asked what she would like to name her elephant and thought for a moment, and said, "Ella". How clever was that? Ella the Elephant. Matt and I were truly impressed with her logical, yet fitting choice. Especially if you have ever heard the names of her other stuffed friends or baby dolls.

Although it is all about Mattie (as usual), I have to post a picture of the baby boy after we picked him up. His new thing is, every time he sees a camera pointed at him, he says, "cheese".

Then we decided to go see Matt's great Aunt Peggy. It has been a while since we last saw her and thought she might like to see Miss Thang on her Birthday.

Now we head home for an evening of playing with stuff we got for the big 5th birthday and get ready for the final celebration the next day. Pictured below are the chef's outfit that goes with our new E@sy B@ke Oven and H@nnah Mont@nna stools.

The next day was Sunday, which was the actual day of Mattie's birth. Oh the memories overjoy me on this day. Since it was Sunday, I thought I would have a small gathering after church and have a "Pizza Party". I decided to be creative again, and I made a cake that looked like a pizza. I put it in a pizza box. How fun is that?

So, there you have it. Yes, my child had 4 birthday parties, yes, she is spoiled. She is one light of my life and I can't believe she is 5 years old. Off to Kindergarten in just a few weeks. Where oh where does the time go?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Better Late Than Never

We have been so busy with planning, and processing Mattie's birthday Part(ies), that I missed doing a Father's Day Post. I wanted you all to see the pictures of Father's Day before church, especially Nathan wearing mommy's heels (sorry Matt)....I will be working to post a "Mattie's Birthday" post very soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home from Vacation.....

And what a vacation it was. Let me preface by saying I love my children and my husband very much, and every time I am asked how was vacation, I reply with, "vacation is like childbirth, you forget how painful they are from one to another." Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful time going to the pool, beach, zoo, race car track, restaurants, ice cream shops, souvenir shops, you get the idea. It was the daily dinner-time meltdowns of a 1 1/2 year old and an 4 year old that almost caused mamma and daddy to meltdown, well, we had our share.

It just never failed, we would play all day with these wonderful, fun-loving children full of laughter and joy. Then, it would be time to get dressed for dinner (mommy and daddy's favorite part of the trip). Mom would get ready and then daddy would get ready and in the meantime, the kiddos would watch T.V. and actually be still for 30 minutes or so, and before you knew it, the 4 year old would be fast asleep. You may ask, why did she not take a nap during the day? And, I would love to answer with a great response, but I don't have one. The baby did take a nap or two during the day, so his meltdowns were not sleeplessness related.

So, waking up a dozing 4 year old to hear crying, whining, and mumble-jumble words, I asked myself, where is that other child that was so happy just an hour ago?

We manage to get to the restaurant and the 4 year old reverts back to who she was a while ago, talking and having a decent time. Then brother decides it's time for him to show his stuff.

The problem with him is, he REFUSES to sit in a highchair. You may say, you can make him. And I may say, no I can't. It is very dangerous b/c most restaurant highchairs don't have buckles, therefore Mr. Houdini is able to escape and fall backwards onto his head. Thus, leaving mommy and daddy to hold him during meals.
Again, I love my children and my husband very much, but this does not make for a fun family dining event.
Aside from the dinnertime drama, we had a Wonderful Family Vacation as you can see in the following pictures....


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes.....

On our way home from school yesterday, Mattie and I were in deep conversation about her future school career. She was asking me what she would be doing when she finishes Lynn Fanning, Meridianville Middle and Hazel Green High School. I told her then she would go to college. I asked her if she wanted to go to the Lion school (UNA, we recently visited and saw Leo the Lion) or Alabama Roll Tide school. She decided she would go to Alabama Roll Tide school so she could see a real live elephant. Then she got this really puzzled look on her face and said, "mom, that is going to be a long ride to school everyday". I said, "baby, you will live at the Roll Tide School". I was not prepared for what happened next. Big, Huge, Crocodile tears welled up in her eyes, her lip started quivering as I watched in the rear view mirror. She said, "you mean I wont live with you and daddy anymore?" I tried changed the direction of the conversation as I held back my own Crocodiles, and said, "when you finish college you can live next door to mommy and daddy. Little did I know, I was making the situation worse. She said, "yeah, if Mr. Ryan and Ms. Dana move I can live there with my husband". I said, "of course you can. This did not satisfy her at all as I could see the tears continue to fall. I said, "how about this, when you finish college and get married, then you and your husband can live at mommy and daddy's house?" (I was trying anything by now to settle her little mind) She thought for a moment and said, "yeah, that sounds good". As I watched her in my rear view mirror, I could see the wheels continuing to turn as she pondered on this "plan". We got home and I helped her get our of the car and I said to her, "Mattie, baby, don't you ever worry about this again. Everything will work out just fine." I finally saw some comfort again in her face. And I was emotionally drained. Whew...what a ride. But this does raise a concern that Matt and I have had since she has been sleeping in our bed for 5 years. Does this mean she AND her husband will sleep with us forever, and what about Nathan and his wife??????

Monday, June 2, 2008

Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

Matt's great-uncle Don Mincher was inducted in to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame this past Saturday night. What an honor it was to be there to witness such a special, momentous occasion for someone whom I have heard his name all of my life. Little did I know I would marry into the family and get to know and love him and the family first hand. I have a special place in my heart for Uncle Don because I know how much my late grandfather, John Gaught, adored him. They played baseball together for many years. I have been told that there are stories I am allowed to hear, and stories I am not allowed to hear.....I can only imagine with those fellows got into in years past. Here are a few photos from the evening..... Uncle Don and the lovely Aunt Pat Matt, Barry Kraus (former Alabama player that had the boys speechless) and Adam
A rare photo opt...mommy and daddy only....

Speaking of which, I must give props to my mother and Steve (big daddy) for babysitting the kids overnight. I know it was a daunting task, but you guys did a great job and I look forward to you offering to keep both of them again real soon.....between swimming, screaming, baths and buddy the dog getting loose having to chase him down the road with both kids AND getting them ready for Church the next morning. I don't forsee that invitation to watch them coming anytime too soon.......

Again, Matt and I thank you for a child-free evening.