Monday, June 29, 2009

Mattie's 6th Birthday

Mattie had a bowling birthday. Little did I know it was going to set me back about 2hundy. But having an awesome birthday is Priceless.
Having pizza and cake.
PopPop and Nathan
Mom, Clint and Emily
Mom & Me
Included in the 2hundy, you get a Real Bowling Pin that all the guests get to sign! Whoo Hoo! So worth it :o)
Little Miss Priss had a ball at the bowling alley.
Big Daddy, Emily & Nathan
Mattie opening gifts from her friends. She loved all her gifts but she said her most favorite gift this year was from her little brother. He got her a whoopie cushion. It's the small things in life, right?

I think she had a great birthday party. Then the whoopie cushion broke. Life almost ended. I bought her another one. Life is good now.



Disneyland 2009

I don't even know where to begin with is post, because so much fun was had by the Boyett family. Our first encounter or funny story happened just after we arrived at the Huntsville International Airport. We made it through security pretty good and we were waiting on our flight. Of course, as usual, Nathan had to go potty. Matt took him to potty and when they returned I could see a look on Matt's face that I don't see very often. I said what happened, did he wet his pants, you know a mother's constant concern. Matt said, no, that there was a man in the stall next to Matt and Nathan and all of a sudden for no apparent reason, Nathan smashed down on the guys foot. I said did you say anything, he said NO, we just ran out of the bathroom. So of course this sets the tone for the whole trip.

Waiting for our first flight. I'm not sure if this is before of after the bathroom incident.

Oh, how sweet and innocent.
Nathan enjoyed the flights, when the engine would roar, Nathan would yell, "Here we gooooo"

This is before she thought she was going to throw up....thank you Dramamine.
The hum of the engine put him to sleep 3 of the 4 flights.
Breakfast with Pluto and Goofy. Goofy is in the blue shirt...just kidding honey.
Lego-land, world, something....

Matt was pretty thankful the feel asleep on the Freeway. At one point he had to potty, so I had to let him go in a cup on the freeway. Another try at that Mother of the Year award.

We just think getting stuck on the parkway is awful.
Sight seeing....

Who woulda thunk?

See the Hollywood sign way back there?
The Warner Brothers Studio

Who thought Los Angeles and Huntsville, Al?

Bubba Gump himself! just kidding again honey.

Leave it to Matt to spot something Alabama.

Santa Monica Beach....water was freezing!

While I was in class, Matt took the kids all around Los Angeles. What a brave soul.

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Nathan was terrified when the storm started and of the monkey's.
See the look of terror on his face.

Family photo in the gazebo.
Have you ever seen such a thing? A tv screen, that's what took him so long.
When Nathan gets the camera
Meeting Mickey for the first time.
All tuckered out.

Can you belive she just turned 6? She acts 16.
Brother is not as cool...
When Matt gets the camera.
Can you tell which one is Matt and which one is Mr. Freeze? (kidding again)
The one and only time they did not fight during the WHOLE trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

Can we say soaked?
Momma not too happy here, soaking wet.
Pixar Parade was awesome!

Best $12.00 spent the entire vacation. A stroller for Mattie. They should call it WALK-Disneyland. Chill bumps.

Downtown Disney

LAX, saying goodbye to California.

One more short story. When we got to LAX after a very long drive going in circles due to the GPS system, we finally made it to the rental car place and to LAX. We were a family of four among a million people. We got in line to check our bags, mine weighed 53lbs, the limit is 50lbs. I had to take some out of mine and put them in Mattie's suitcase. We are outside at curbside check-in. Cars are zooming past us, we are trying to keep Mattie and Nathan from being hit by numerous buses. Hundreds of people are in line behind us. So, I finish moving stuff from one suitcase to another. We have 3 suitcases, 3 backpacks, a laptop bag, my purse, a carseat, a booster seat and a stroller. Matt picks up my suitcase to hand it to the bag checker and he had forgot to zip it back up. All of my belongings fall out of my suitcase onto the sidewalk of LAX. Can you just imagine? Whew, what a vacation! It was the greatest one yet! We had a blast and can't wait for our next excursion!