Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

For starters, our upstairs air conditioning unit has not been blowing cool air since this past Wednesday. At Church Wednesday night, we asked our dear friend and handyman, T-Bone, if he would come and check it out. He said he would be glad to, but couldn't get to it until Friday or Saturday. Because it has been pretty warm in the afternoons, it's really too uncomfortable to sleep upstairs. So, we have to sleep downstairs for the next 3 nights. What this means for the parents and kids are 2 totally different scenarios. For the kids, it means "camp out". It means getting the air mattress out from under the parents bed, getting blankets, comforters, pillows and bouncing on the air mattress, catapulting each other off, you know, just having the time of their lives....especially since it's on school nights. What this means for the parents is completely the opposite. It means, having to drag that air mattress down the stairs while trying not to knock the pictures off the wall. It means, having to get out all the blankets, comforters, pillows, the alarm clock to make sure you get up on time, not that you are in a deep sleep, by any means and knowing you will have to put it all up when the fun is over. It also means you are constantly saying don't jump on the mattress, it will bust. Don't put that kitchen chair on the mattress, you will fall off and bust your head wide open. Don't wrestle on the mattress, someone will get hurt and the list goes on and on. But the kicker for the parents is knowing that you will be walking around looking like a question mark for the next 3 days because your back will not be the same after sleeping on the air mattress with 2 kids. Usually one parent will sleep on the mattress with the 2 kids and the other parent will sleep on the couch. Whatever the situation, it's a lose-lose situation. But it's all we got at this point. So, we made it to Saturday morning. Mattie's game started at 10:15, so we had to leave the house at 9:45 or so. We are doing our thing, getting ready and such, when I needed to go to the garage for one reason or another. I step in the garage and hear WATER RUNNING....WHAT???? I peek my head around the corner to look at the hot water heater and to see Niagara Falls right in my own garage. You can only imagine what I was thinking at this point. We got the water turned off at the road, called a plumber. I called T-Bone to see if we were still on schedule for the air conditioner and to let him know that if he came while we were gone, Big Daddy and a plumber would probably be there. T-Bone kindly offered to replace the hot water heater and fix the air conditioner all in the same day and while we were at Mattie's game. What a life saver!!! Thanks again T-Bone!
Bout the T-ball game, I have to spend a minute telling you how good Mattie's team played. They were AWESOME!!!! They made really good plays and they hit really good too. It was just a great game. Mattie had a few balls hit to her at 3rd base that she stopped, caught and ran to her bag. I can't tell you how much these lil' gals have improved since they started! Coach C is doing a great job!
That's pretty much it, besides swim lessons on Sunday, she continues to do so good!
Well, Friday the doctor suggested I have a no-fat, no-sugar diet and to exercise more. Easier said than done, right? I actually got up at 5:30 and got on the treadmill. It's kind of hard to keep your balance on that thing when you are continuously yawning. We shall see...shan't we?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

All week Mattie says, "when is my ball game"? I reply with, "it's on Saturday (free day) baby". Everyday this conversation takes place reiterating the fact that she is SO EXCITED for the upcoming "Big Game" as she calls it. So picture this, Saturday morning, Mattie is up at 6:00am saying, "when is my ball game"? I reply with, "we will leave in 2 hours". She replies with, "how many Hannah Montana's is that?" I say "4". She is good with that and proceeds to put her uniform on and her cleats and visor and is ready for "The Big Game". Mom, dad and baby are all decked out in our T-Ball attire about to go out the door when the phone rings. It's coach, she has bad news, game is cancelled due to water standing on the field from the rain the night before. WHAT???? How am I going to tell the little girl that has been looking forward to this day for a whole week? So I tell her and her daddy the bad news. Both of them, (daddy more than daughter), were SO disappointed. You could see all the joy and excitement turn into doom and despair. It was a sad moment at The Boyett household. Matt and I look at each other, what on earth do we do now? We do what any other American Family would do, we head to Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart is the only place open at this time of morning. We were greeted by floor polishers, and boxes of stock in the isles. It was a weird feeling being there so early. But, we managed to do some damage and spend more money than we should have. So we head home and by this time it had warmed up a bit and the kids were able to play outside...which they LOVE!
We grilled burgers and dogs. Clint, Amy and Emily came over and we had a good time visiting with each other.
Sunday was our usual Church/Posey routine. Mattie had swim lessons, which by the way, she is doing awesome. She can swim underwater. I can't believe how far she has come in 4 lessons. It is amazing!
Here we go, another week of "when is my game?", "it's 6,5,4,3,2,1 day away, baby." I really hope it doesn't get cancelled.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Please tell me why.....

Please tell me why....the house can be quiet as a mouse. Mattie and Nathan sitting quietly on the couch watching T.V. The phone rings, I need to take the call, it's coach telling us when we have practice. At the exact same time I say hello....Nathan falls off the couch, starts crying hysterically and accidentally hits the remote and changes the channel, Mattie starts screaming/crying, "turn it back, turn it back" (over and over). I catch Nathan by the arm, somehow get the remote, turn the T.V. back to the show of choice (Mattie's choice), still talking to the coach. The phone conversation is over and I say, "bye bye". I hang up the phone, look at my 2 kids quietly watching T.V. as if nothing ever happened and I feel like I have just been blasted out of a cannon.

Monday, April 14, 2008


OK, I know you all have been dying to see pictures of swim lessons. These take place every Sunday afternoon. It was the only day of the week we had any "free" time. It really was not my intent to keep Matt from napping on the days he takes Mattie(or was it?). She is really enjoying swim lessons although I have learned a good lesson. Your kids will do things so much better for strangers than their own parents. For instance; Mattie's swim instructor puts her about a foot from the side of the pool and says "ready?" then she pushes Mattie's head under the water and toward the side of the pool so she can swim underwater to the side. Mattie comes up and grabs the side of the pool, gasping for air, and turns around and is ready to do it again. Now, if that were ME trying to teach her to swim and I did that, she would come up from the water gasping for air, screaming and crying, "ARE YOU TRYING TO DROWN ME?" Someone would for sure call DHR to report me. All the mothers at the swim lesson sit and talk about this phenomenon.

Here is the girl in action.....

Saturday morning was Mattie's first real T-ball game and boy it was stressful (on mom). She really did great but now I know how my mother has felt all of these years of me participating in activities in front of a crowd. I was a nervous wreck for her. Especially when she got up to bat. She did awesome, she hit the ball really hard to the first baseman, only because we had a girl on third we needed to get home. So, she got her first RBI. But I thought I would throw-up when the ball was hit to her at 3rd base, and she really didn't know what to do. She held the ball and kept the runner from running, so all in all, she did AWESOME, but I still feel nauseous when I think about it. I just wanted to run out there and do it for her. Boy, I have a long way to go of letting go. Also, since Matt and I volunteered to be "coach helpers", I somehow ended up with the "book" in my hand. For anyone that has ever kept "the books", it is simple in theory, but you cannot get distracted in the least. No matter how many times you have to tell the girls to get back in the dugout and wait for their time to be on deck. You still have to pay attention to the game. But thanks to my father-in-law for showing me the ropes, otherwise, I would have been in a world of hurt. You may ask, why can't Matt help you? Because, he is at home plate positioning the girls and trying not to get hit by a multitude of PINK bats while fixing the T.

Here is the All-Star player and her biggest fan, Nathan.

After Mattie's game Saturday morning, she rode home with Nana & Big Daddy and went to Joey's baseball game. While she was gone, Matt, Nathan and I did some things around the house and spent a lot of time outside. It is sooooooo different when I only have one of the kids at a time. I don't think I heard Nathan scream, not one time.... Here is my precious baby boy.....who is 17 months old today!

If you look close, you can see Nathan waving to his sweet is that?

Here are the boys spreading seeds on the lawn...what a big helper......

And here is Princess Mattie Grace, demanding a picture to be taken of her.

Funny story (to me), if you have not heard of the Jonas Brothers then you are likely not a teenage girl. Anyway, they are a Boy Band that all the pre-teens, teens and their moms are listening to right now. Of course, we have the CD.
So, we are sitting in Church listening to the sermon and the preacher was talking about a survey/study something to do with Joyce Brothers, and Mattie leaned over to me and said, "WE HAVE THAT CD."......I just smiled and shook my head yes. 1) It never occurred to her, why would he be talking about The Jonas Brothers, 2) I thought, I hope she does not know who Joyce Brother's is, 3) I just got some satisfaction that she was halfway listening to the preacher.

Here are the Boys in my life

Isn't he the sweetest thing???????

Until next time.....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ha Ha Funny!

Why do I think these are so funny? What is wrong with my sense of humor? Most people would either not get it, or think that it's stupid. But I truly laugh out loud at stuff like this. Things that everyone thinks, but only few say, make me laugh so hard that tears come to my eyes. I guess being able to laugh at life is a part of who I am. I love laughing and I am so thankful for my life, family and friends that I can laugh with (not at, of course).

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

I am so glad today is Friday. I have been pushing myself through this week with a terrible head/chest cold. I actually took Wednesday off of work, and for anyone who knows me, knows that I must have really not felt good. I really stayed at home because if I had to blow my nose one more time in front of an audience, I was going to scream. Also because of my coughing, you know that really deep cough that sounds so much worse than it really is. I didn't want anyone to think I was about to loose a lung. But here's a funny story that goes along with the day I took off. I woke up and started my normal routine. I got Matt and the kids up and I whispered to Matt that I would be taking the kids to school and then come back home for a sick day. So he took the kids downstairs while I finished getting ready. I came downstairs in a dress, I guess Matt expected jeans or jogging pants or something more casual. Anyway, he said, "did you change your mind about going to work"? I said no, I just can't let Mattie know that I am not going to work or she will want to stay home with me and I will get no rest at all. He said "well, that the most elaborate decoy I have ever seen." Looking back it was pretty elaborate, wearing a dress and all. But, I don't think I was in my right mind being so sick and all. It worked, Mattie never suspected a thing.

Here a few more pictures of T-Ball Opening Day (thanks mom for the pics).....

And her is my precious niece, Emily