Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Boyett Beach Trip 2009

Since Mattie's summer care program was closed the week before school started, I decided that we would squeeze in a quick trip to the beach, coming home the day before school starts. I know, I keep trying for that "mother of the year" award. My thoughts were that she could sleep on the way home (which she did) and we would get home early enough to rest and relax before the next day (which we did).

So here is a very heavy picture post of the Boyett Beach Trip 2009.....

But first, I just need to know how we went from this in 2006
to this, 2007
to this,2008
to this, 2009....someone stop making time go by so fast!!!

During this post, you will notice that my children are budding photographers, their subject? themselves. Mattie has the camera...
I know the children get this from their father, you don't know how many pictures we have of Matt taking pictures of himself. Look at her big brown eyes, the get me every time.
Quick story...we are getting in the car to head to the beach. Mattie shuts the door on Nathan's head, well, she hit him in the head while shutting the door...same thing really. Got the same results, a big knot and a whole lotta crying. We got out of the car, put ice on Nate's head, calmed him down for getting hit, calmed Mattie down for hitting him. We got back in the car and headed to the beach. At this point, mom was still not calm.

Yeah....we made it to the beach after 2 children asking 1 trillion times, how many more miles? Like they even know how long a mile is!
Nathan and I are not what you would call "sun people". Our blue eyes and fair skin are not a fan of the sun. Unlike Mattie and Daddy.
Also, Nathan and I are not big "sand" people, we are constantly trying to get the sand off our stuff. Why do we go to the beach then, because it's fun.
Say cheese brother!
Here is our "sun goddess"...she could and would stay outside 24/7.
Nate, on the other hand, would, but could not, because of his beautiful, ivory skin. (just like momma)
Ok, here is Miss Poser. Getting geared up for a seafood dinner.
Again, Miss Poser.
Here is NOT Mr. Poser.
If I had a penny for all the times I hear, "hey mom, take my picture", I would be wealthy.
And if I had a penny for every time I said, "hey Nathan, smile for the camera, I would be really wealthy.
Ah, yes, sister at her finest, also known as Miss Modest.
Funny story...Nathan wants to ride the train. So Matt scurries up to the train with Nathan and they both hop on. The "conductor" comes to Matt and says, "sir, you can't ride the train, you are too big". I am still laughing as I type this.
Mattie and Nathan on the Ferris wheel for kids.
Someone has had a long, fun day and is now getting tired. Me too son.
Oh, look mom, I got my second wind.....I am on the swing now.
Nathan is thinking, "why do y'all insist on making me pose? You know I am NOT Mr. Poser.
At the pool....Mom only got to sit out of the pool a couple of minutes before I had to get back in to play, also known as, splash mom in the face.
Nathan's photog skills...
Mattie's photog skills....
Why does she think we need pictures of the TV with Phineas and Pherb?
My 2 babies....bout to eat dinner and go school shopping at the outlets! Woo for Mommy!
Monkey see...
Monkey do...
Proof, Matt eats oysters on the half shell. UMMM they are soooo good.
Love when the kids get a under shot of mom.
Ok, it could be worse.
Mattie's shot.
Nathan's series of shots.....I don't know if we didn't realize he had the camera or what?

I guess we finally realized it and took the camera away from him and this is what he thought about it.
My most favorite picture of the whole trip! Mr. and Miss. Poser
Or meet, Mr. Mommy's hair in his ear. He has done this since birth, why, I do not know.

Nathan going for Mattie's hair. no words necessary.
Ah, mommy and daughter.
This is my other favorite.
When did she grow up so fast?
Brother in the sand.
Oh, yes, The Boyett Family Photo Opt. Some poor stranger felt sorry for us and offered to take our picture.
Good Lookin' family, if I do say so myself.
This was my idea. I thought it was neat.
Deep Thoughts by Mattie......
Sweet Feet.
Love it.
Nathan's favorite part of the beach, smashing sandcastles.
Treasured Moments.
Great Memories...
The loves of my life.
Mom, can you get this sand off my hand?
Mom, can you take another picture of me?
My babies...

A beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day.
Ice Cream to end a wonderful vacation!