Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Love Long Weekends

The feeling Sunday night, knowing you don't have to go to work/school the next day is such a great feeling.

Friday night was Mattie's first tball game of the season. She played AWESOME!! They lost the game but it was so fun to watch. Although I do more screaming than watching. Matt is head coach along with KT and I keep "the book". It gets very intense, and oh so fun (and frustrating) :o)

Saturday morning we were back at the ball park for the second game of the season and boy was it hot. Mattie again played AWESOME, I can't believe how much she has improved since the beginning of spring season. She was hitting the ball to the outfield and catching anything that was hit her way playing short-stop and second. They lost by one run.

Of course Saturday night was Alabama's first game of the season so we had to get the kiddos ready...

Sunday was Church and we went to the movies Sunday afternoon, to see a 3-D movie. It was fun, Nathan really didn't want to keep the glasses on...but he didn't seem to mind the fuzzy screen, so I didn't press the issue. Mattie never moved a muscle, she is a T.V/Movie junkie.

Monday was another "free day" as Mattie calls days we don't have to go to work, school or church. So, we went to the river. Mom had her camper parked and we took the boat and had a super, fun filled day with the family. Mattie and her dramatic demeanor, said that it was the best day of her life.