Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Photo

Here is my baby girl's spring photo! I can't believe Kindergarten is almost over.

I just got back from a business trip to Rome, Italy and Munich, Germany. I am in the process of uploading my pictures. I will post a blog soon with pictures from my trip!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

I hope every one had a nice Easter. We had a great time, we went to church, then had some lunch and the has some egg hunting of course!

Here is my attempt at Easter Egg Cakes...

Take 1
Take 2

Take 3

How about standing up?

I'm sure I will pay for this one day :o)

Mattie loves having her picture made!

Typical Boyett children

Mommy and babies

Daddy and babies
Nathan being Nathan
Egg Hunting!
Not Serious...
Example of "sugar high"
Our Easter bunny brought Alabama jerseys and lots of bubbles!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Boys will be boys

Last night at church, Nathan went to follow his daddy outside. I don't think Matt knew he was following him. The glass door shut, and I guess Nathan thought the glass to the right side of the door meant the door was open and BAM he ran smack into the glass pane. Luckily, the glass shattered on the inside of a double pane window and no glass came tumbling down. And we are counting our blessings that we did not end up in the ER and Nathan only suffered a small bloody nose. He kept saying, "that glass hit me in the head". My response, "uh, no, son, your head hit that glass". Boys will be boys!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun Day

After opening day, we were able to work around the house outside. Mattie and Nathan entertained themselves pretty good while Matt and I did a few things. All of a sudden we heard the "music truck", what I used to tell her before she found out there was a man inside selling ice cream, (thanks mom). Anyhow...Mattie and Nathan hear the music and she starts begging for ice cream and instead of my usual answer of no, I said, "you can use your money you got from the tooth fairy". She thought that was a great idea and she offered to buy her brother one too.


It's that time again...T-Ball Opening Day

Saturday was opening day for the 2009 spring baseball/softball season. Luckily the weather was decent unlike today and yesterday. The events included a walk-out for each team introducing their players. Then there is a one inning scrimmage where each team gets to bat all their players. I just have to brag a moment, Mattie smacked the ball to the outfield, it was a GREAT hit. She loves hearing how great she is, and I sure don't mind telling her one bit.

Here are some pictures from the day:


Monday, April 6, 2009

Before and After

Who would have thought to have your baby teeth pulled by the dentist? Well, that was the case with Miss Mattie. I started noticing white dots behind her not very loose front bottom baby teeth. After a couple of days I realized they were her permanent teeth coming in with no regards to her baby teeth that were still in her mouth. I called the dentist and got some over the phone advice. He said, if the baby teeth were not practically falling out of her mouth, then the permanent teeth coming in could cause the semi-loose baby teeth gums to tighten up around the baby teeth thus causing two sets of teeth. Oh, no, we cannot have that. So off the the dentist last Thursday to let the dentist check out the situation. He confirmed we had to get the baby teeth out that day.

He wants to keep a close eye on the top baby teeth because we may have the same situation when that time comes.



Wow, I can't believe we hit the lost tooth milestone, even if it was medically assisted. But what I really can't believe is that she got $10 bucks from the tooth-fairy!