Monday, January 19, 2009

We've Come A Long Way

On this day, 7 years ago, Matt and I were married. And it has been truly harmonious since then. Do you hear the sarcasm? just kidding. We got engaged on July 15th 2001, the day my parents were married. Almost 6 months to the day we were wed. You may ask, why January, but to others it is simple. No way, no how, was I to get married in the months August (beginning of football season) through November (end of football season), that does leave 8 other months, but why dilly-dally? I had plenty of time to plan, so, we got married January 19th 2002. I chose the 19th because my birthday is March 19th and I thought it could help Matt remember. I am just as thoughtful now as I was then....

It was not a huge to-do, but it was just right for us. We talk about it year after year, and there is not one thing we would go back and change. In a chapel with 90-100 of our closest family and friends. We joke about it now, but neither one of us spoke the whole limo ride back to the house.

At that time, my mother had gotten married 6 months prior and she and Big Daddy bought a house and moved. She then, graciously, let Matt and I live in her house until we saved money and found a place of our own. 9 months later we moved 6 houses away from my parents and 3 miles away from Matt's parents. We love where we live and love the fact it is so close to our babysitters :o) We had been married for 10 months and been in our house 2 weeks and we found out I was pregnant. Matt's "Great" Aunt hired a housekeeper for us for while I was pregnant, and after Mattie was born I asked her to continue to come to the house, and she still comes...Basically, I have not had to clean the house since we moved in 6 years ago. HAHAHA! I am just as spoiled now, as I was then.

And before I knew it, when Mattie was 3 1/2 years old, here comes trouble, I mean, hear comes Nathan. He is not trouble, he is just ALL BOY!
So, here we are, 7 years, a house, 2 kiddos later and so happy. We thank God everyday for being so blessed with family, friends, health and happiness.
Happy Anniversary Matt. I love you, and thank you for the last 7 years and I look forward to the next 70!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

California Here We Come....

Wow, I am really slacking on my "bloggin" these days. I guess The Boyett's have been so busy and time is getting away, but to top it off, I have been busier at work, hence the lack of computer time. Can you actually believe that, I have been working at work. What a concept!

This will be more frequent due to my expanding job duties that I will go into at a later date. But for now, to get ready for my future, I am enrolled in several online classes and being sent to a week long training seminar in Anaheim California. Yes, home of Disneyland. The great thing about it, is I am able to take the family along. So, while I am getting my learn on, Matt and the kids will be tooling around California in the rental car. I am so jealous But we will stay in California 2extra days to venture to Disneyland and such. Our great adventure does not take place until June, so we will all be anxiously waiting for the day to arrive.

Matt continues to remind me that he is claustrophobic and gets motion sick, isn't he going to be such a pleasure to travel with along with the children? Yes, we will be the fanny-pack wearing family with a car seat strapped to daddy's back at LAX....sure hope we see someone famous. I cannot believe how much we will have to pack and go through security with. (Anyone have any advice for flying with children, please let me know).

Anyway, that is our big news at the moment. Mattie has been informed and cannot wait the long 5 months until we go. Luckily we will be so busy with T-Ball during the spring and summer, the time should go by just as fast as it always does.
Nathan on the other hand thinks going to see Mickey Mouse means to watch it on T.V., so there is no problem containing his excitement.

Until next time~


Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Long time no blog :o) We have been extremely busy during this holiday season. But not to the extent of making it unpleasant or stressful. It was my goal this year to have a fun and relaxing holiday especially for the kids. Not rushing from one place to another and not over scheduling ourselves. School has been out of session for 2 weeks. I took a week off during Christmas to stay with the kids and Matt took the 2nd week. In the meantime we have worked ourselves silly doing things around the house that have needed to be done, but we are never home to do them. Things like, stripping kitchen wall paper including Sheetrock, therefore, spackeling the whole kitchen and sanding...what a mess of white powder. The kids especially liked this job, they liked throwing the powder in the air and pretending it was snow. That took a while to clean up...still cleaning it up, actually. Then we painted the kitchen, hung decorations, window treatments and 2 chandeliers. Matt put together 2 TV stands and a bookcase. We got Nathan a "big boy" bed, a full sizer....that he has yet to sleep in. At least his room looks cute. We have cleaned out cabinets, closets, drawers and the garage. I absolutely LOVE doing this kind of stuff...I know, I am a freak of nature. To ring in the new year, I was polishing my kitchen cabinets as the ball dropped!

OK, before I bore you to death with more of my proud accomplishments, I will share some pictures from Christmas. We have talked a lot about how Blessed we are and how Thankful we are for everyone in our lives and all that we were able to give and receive.

The Sunday before Christmas, going to Church

Christmas Eve, Mattie and Nathan writing letters to Santa

Getting the cookies ready for Santa
Did someone have a cookie for themself?
Christmas Morning....let the fun begin!
WOW...look at all this stuff Santa brought me!
Santa ate his cookies and left Mattie and Nathan a note too!
Christmas morning after all the fun!
Helping daddy put together one of the TV stands

Wishing you and yours all the best in 2009!