Monday, August 18, 2008

If there was ever a question?

It seems as if I haven't posted since Mattie's first day of school, which was a whole week ago. Mattie is doing AWESOME at school. She loves every minute of it. I'm sure this excitement and enthusiasm will not last forever since she has about 13+ years to go....but I love seeing her so happy! Nathan is doing great too, growing and talking more and more everyday.
That was happy momma talking, let me tell you about not so happy momma.....
Friday, I traded in my car and made the "deal" and needed to wait on Matt to accompany me to sign papers. We were supposed to meet the guy back at the dealership to sign papers in the afternoon. We were assured it would only take about 15 minutes to sign and close the deal. We arrive, Matt, Vikki, Mattie and Nathan. The whole happy family. It's 4:30, so we have to entertain the children mildly for a few minutes waiting for our name to be called. A few minutes turned into a lot of minutes. 45 minutes of chasing after Nathan, trying to appease a whining 5 year old and keep my nerves under control. Finally a nice car salesman who had been watching us the ENTIRE time, said, "did anyone tell you about the children's playroom?" I wanted to shout, "does it look like anyone told us????" So the whole family heads to the "playroom" where there are books, toys, chalk/chalk board wall, TV, DVDs....the works also known as Heaven on Earth. We were in the room about 15-20 minutes when it was time for us to sign papers. Of course now, we have to drag the kids out of the "fun room". We sit down and the "finance guy" says we will be recording the signing process due to arbitration. OK, but all he is going to hear on the recording is Nathan crying because we have to leave the playroom and drag him to a stranger's office for mommy and daddy to sign boring papers. So as Nathan is SCREAMING at the top of his lungs the guy tells me that our payment is going to be a tad bit more than we thought. Huh? I basically lost it. I tell Matt to take Nathan out of the room (I should have sent Mattie out too). My emotions took control, so I start crying....Mattie starts crying....oh, the poor guy and the person who will have to listen to the transcripts of our encounter. Anyway, I tell the guy that I am NOT happy about the "new" monthly payment and that I will not be purchasing the car. This is when Mattie really turns up the heat on this guy...crying uncontrollably. By this time, I have just unloaded on this guy about how I had made a "deal" and I could not believe how they could allow this to happen. They guy tells me that he would get on the phone with the appropriate people and give me a call in the morning and let me know if they could work with me on the deal.
So, Saturday morning starts a whole other story.
The guy calls and the deal is in my favor so we need to sign papers.
My brother and (at that time) fiancee were on vacation and were getting married on that day. My mother had been keeping their daughter up until she was to be heading to the beach for the wedding on that Saturday. So Emily got to come to Aunt Vikki's house at 6:00am Saturday morning, the day I am to sign papers for the new car. There was no way on this green earth that I was going to take my kids back to the dealership let alone 3 kids. So, I had to call in reinforcement....the in-laws! Thanks to MiMi and PopPop for taking care of the troops while Matt and I signed papers which again we were told it would take 15 minutes. We were gone 2 hours. How do they figure their time calculations.....have they ever sold a car before? Even I know it takes longer than 15 minutes. I guess I am still a bit bitter.....
When we got home from the dreaded dealership, Matt and Mattie abandon me to go get Mattie a new T-Softball glove, which she starts practice for the fall league this week and Matt is a head coach....what are we thinking?
So, I try my best to get them both asleep at the same time, do I succeed? NOPE. One goes down, one gets up. Then we take all 3 to a Family Fun Day at our church. The kids were actually very good I must say. So home it was for bed, bath, and......beyond and to gear up for taking all 3 to church on Sunday. I don't remember much about church this past Sunday, I think I blocked it out because it was so stressful and chaotic. The kids looked awesome in their outfits, but looks can be so deceiving. Matt ended up taking Nathan out of church to the quiet room and I took Emily to the nursery and Mattie was sitting with a friend (thank goodness).
After church was nap time, in which one was awake while the other one slept and vice versa. So to answer the most popular question of the weekend, Are y'all gonna have another one? Matt and I officially state, that if we ever had entertained the thought of the possibility of having another one, this weekend proved that we are not mentally stable enough, therefore, we will state for the record, NO.
Sunday afternoon rolled around and Clint and Amy, the newlyweds, came to pick up Miss. Thang. I got to see pictures of their wedding on the beach which were totally awesome. I am so happy for you guys and I love you both very much! I will post pictures when I get some...hint, hint.
So, as far as weekends go, this was a doozie!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mattie's 1st day of Kindergarten

Well, it's official, I am the proud mother of a super-excited kindergartner!

Here are a few photos of this morning.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One blessed mommy

I am so blessed because I am the mother of these 2 awesome kiddos and I get to look at these faces everyday!!!