Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool as the other side of the pillow....

This has been such a long and expensive week. In the last post, I mentioned that the a/c units had to be replaced. First I would like to send out a big "thank you" to pop-pop for hanging at the house while the units were being replaced. And let him know, that Mattie said, "that would be a good job for pop-pop since he don't have one", hehehe.
So, they replaced the downstairs unit on Tuesday and what a moment of rejoicing when we came home from work/school that day. I think the temp outside was around 101 and it was a nice 72 degrees in the house. How did people do it before central heating and air, oh yeah, that was before global warming, right? Then Wednesday they replaced the upstairs unit and we slept as cool as the other side of the pillow!

A week without a/c in the Alabama summer.
Thousands of dollars to replace a/c units.
Being cool and comfortable, priceless.

We are looking forward to the weekend, although it will be a very busy one.
Saturday, we have, T-ball registration, 2 birthday parties and a wedding.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Where does the time go? I haven't posted since July 8th, what's up with that? I guess the Boyett's have been busy so let me re-cap.
Sunday July 13th, Matt, Mattie and Nathan took me to the airport for my 9:55 departure to Atlanta which was my connection to Washington Reagan National Airport. We arrived at the Huntsville International Airport approx. 7:30 am. The family and I sat together and enjoyed our last few minutes together as I would be gone 3 days. I could see the desperation in Matt's face. But Mattie and Nathan didn't seem to be bothered with my impending departure. Mattie was only concerned as to what snack I would buy her. Nathan just enjoyed running and being in a new place. Well, it was 8:30 and it was time to say goodbye. Mattie, told me later she "almost" cried, and thankfully she didn't because I don't know that I could have made the trip. So Matt gathered up the children and headed down the escalator, the kids were very excited to ride. They were going to church and I was going to Washington, D.C.. I made my way to security and on to my gate. We loaded the plan, at about 9:30 am and were told that there were storms in ATL. Oh joy. So we sat there for 2 hours waiting for our "window" as they call it, to go. It looks like we are about to take off and low and behold, we miss the "window". We sit there another hour. They tell us if we want to get off and get some air, that we would not be leaving for quite sometime, if ever. I knew I was not going to make my connection in ATL. So I get off the plane to figure out my plans. Thankfully, I had been upgraded to first class, so I was first off the plane and the first one in line at the dreaded counter. The lady took my boarding pass and typed on the computer what seemed like forever. She said all the connecting flights were book full. The only flight that would get me to Washington was the 6:00pm direct flight. I took it. Buy this time it was about 1:30. How can anyone sit in an airport for that long? I called Matt to come get me. I was a stressed mess, worrying so much about if the 6:00 flight would get cancelled due to weather. I had to be at a conference @ 7:00am the next day. A couple hours past and Matt took me back to the airport, I went through security only to get patted down....I know I looked bad, but I didn't think I looked that bad! Anyway, it's 5:30 and we are boarding the plane. The captain comes on and immediately says, we have a 45 minute delay. OH MY GOODNESS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? So, I say for 45 minutes reading a book, finally we took flight and I arrived at 10:00. My driver picked me up and took me to the hotel where a colleague was waiting on me. It only took me 14 hours to get to my destination. After being in class for 8 hours straight, we were able to sightsee a little which I am thankfull for. I survived the flights, the conference and I am very glad to be home. Matt and the children survived too, although the downstairs air went out while I was gone and since then, both a/c units are having to be replaced this week. I'm not so sure we will survive that.

Home of The President of the United States of America another of the white house
beautiful WWII memorial
breath taking...
side of Lincoln Memorial while we were taking a taxi back to the hotel

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy belated 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July. We spent the day at Uncle Adam and Aunt Carrie's house swimming and grilling. We got home just in time for some ice cream and a few snap-n-pops. It is so cheap to entertain my kids at this age. Although, our neighbors obviously spent way more than we did and we got to enjoy a real firework show for free!

Random Silliness

It is never a dull moment at the Boyett household.
Did you know that Mattie didn't even know we had a piano or what it did until she was about 3 years old? The second born on the other hand, knows exactly what it is and how to do it.....often. But, it's just to cute...... unless it's bed time.

Do we have any pictures of Nathan not covered in drool?

Yeah, he is going to kill me for this one! Sorry son, your sister did it!
Here is another one of my angels, my niece Emily. She is playing with the artificial food and I think it made her hungry!
Yeah, he is going to kill me too! My silly baby brother. I sure know how Mattie feels when she says, "mom, sometimes it's just hard being a big sister."

Nathan's first "Professional" haircut

Parenting Lesson #259 learned; ring-pop suckers and haircuts are not a good combo!

Funny Story

The kids and I were on our way to school one morning, when out of the blue I said, "do you kiddos know I love you more than ANYTHING in this whole wide world?" Mattie, with all seriousness, said, "do you love us more than these high gas prices?"
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? Where do they come up with this stuff??????

Summer Fun

Here are a few pictures to demonstrate Summer Fun