Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Babies

Sister posing, so you know what that means?

Brother had to do a pose too.

Sitting on mommy's new swing that she got for Mother's Day.


My babies....are growing up.


I have great memories as a child. One of my favorite memories is when my Nannie let me play in the rain. I must have been 4 or 5. So, me being a mommy who wants only great memories for her children thought it would be fun for my rigid self to let my kids play in the rain. When I first suggested it, my rigid daughter said, "uh, mom, we will get wet, duh?" My reply, "that is the idea Mattie". So with much coaxing from me to convince my kids to actually stand in the rain, they finally did it and had so much fun. Note the apprehension in the first couple of photos.

"Mom, are you sure this is ok?"
Singing in the rain....
Side note** We are potty training, so when Nathan's shorts/undies got we he thought he needed to take them off.

That's why nature boy has on no clothes in the pool.

Great memories....


Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu Lock-Down

Leave it to me to make the best use of the Swine Flu Lock-Down. Schools were closed Thursday, Friday and all "extra" activities were cancelled on Saturday (T-ball). Therefore, I took this as a prime opportunity to get down to the nitty-gritty of potty training.
Day One: had more accidents than not. Stood anywhere and relieved himself, #1 and #2.
Day Two: had fewer accidents, made it to the potty half of the time for #1, none of the time for #2.
Day Three: had one accident, made it to the potty all of time for #1, half of the time for #2.
Day Four: had no accidents neither #1 or #2. He also went potty at Poseys, and at Mimi & Pop-Pop's.

I am so proud of my little man.

Rome and Munich 2009

The title of my post cracks me up. Like yes, that was the trip I took in 2009, because I took so many trips to Rome and Munich, I may get them confused. Maybe it's just funny to me. Anyway, here are the photos from the trip. I took like 96 photos in Rome and only 5 in Munich, not as much to see there.

Flying in to Rome, Italy.
On the street right outside the hotel.
The Spanish Steps.
me on top of Spanish Steps.

different view of Spanish Steps. again...
and again....
I really like these stores...Prada.
Jimmy Choo.
I would consider and alley, this is a main street in Rome.

Burberry. FENDI.

A monument of some sort, note the detail of the handcrafted work in the next photo.
amazing. Pantheon.

Swiss guard that guards the popes that have gone on....
Me and my bosses.
Trevi Fountain.
I have no idea where we were eating.
but it was SO good.

just a few of the ga-zillion motor-scooters in Rome.
Historical building.
Monument. not sure...but pretty.
Ruins of old Rome.
which way? oh, that way Cesear, thanks.
Another main street.

I am fascinated by nuns.
The Colosseum.
I had never seen a real Maching Gun. A guard guarding the US Embassy. What a view!

Breathtaking. Hm, what is going on here in Vatican City?
Something must be going I better have my picture taken.
Oh, don't worry, it's just the POPE!!!!!!!!!
El Popa again.

View from the top terrace of the hotel.
One last shot of Rome before I go....
The Swiss Alps flying from Rome to Munich.
A historical thing...
downtown Munich.
I just thought this was neat advertisment....I am such the target audience. If I knew what it said, I might have bought something.
There were clocks everywhere.

The hotel.

I told you, not much to see in Germany. I am so very grateful for the experience and I promise I did get some real work done while I was there.

Until next time