Friday, September 16, 2011

What's going on in our world...

Sorry friends and family, all 2 of you that read, I am doing a horrible job of keeping up my bloggin'.
But with a few minutes on my hands and a few things on my mind, here goes.

First, it's time for Nathan's next check up.  September 22nd to be exact.  Please keep him and all of us in your prayers.  Please pray that he remains cancer free forever.....
He is getting excitded for the upcoming trip, he LOVES going to Memphis.  He actually asked if his sister could come this time.  So, I guess sister is going to make the trip with us.  She seems to think we have a plethora of fun while she is not with us. Matt and I are only letting her come since Nathan will not have anymore CT scans and he won't be restricted from food; because sister just can't handle the fact that if he don't eat, we don't eat. 

Second, Nathan is loving Pre-K.  His school, teachers and class are fantastic.  It is such a good feeling to know he is happy.  Mattie is diggin' 3rd grade as well.  She's got some awesome teachers and friends as well.

Third, Mattie is still having loads of fun playing softball.  It is amazing how much she practices, plays, sweats, thursts, falls/slides, gets hit with balls, and gets hits at the plate.  She is such a happy kid, but very attached to her parents which can be good and can be bad. 
Nathan is loving his co-ed T-ball team this season, (I think) I have learned that he does not like for a girl to take the ball away from him, and I sure don't blame him.  I think I would enjoy watching them play anything...we'll maybe not chess.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a gallbladder attach, 2 days later I was in surgery having my gallbladder removed.  It's amazing how some people can keep theirs their whole life and mine gave up at the ripe age of 36.5. 

Matt is Nathan's T-ball coach again, so between Alabama Football, Rockets03 Softball and the Meridianville Storm, he stays pretty busy.  He is an awesome dad!  Do I get any points for that plug, Matt?

Every weekend in October is booked up with Softball. 

November 19th is the St. Jude Walk-A-Thon at Madison Square Mall, so be on the lookout for my begging, asking for donations.

Also in November we will go on Nathan's Make-A-Wish Disney Cruise...we are so excited.

I'll end with a few pictures.


Nathan and Jayden

First day of school

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