Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nate's Check up and Moving is for the birds~

First things first.  We went to Memphis last week for Nathan's 6 month check up.  He got a great report.  Also, he had gained 1 pound and grown almost 2 inches.  While we were eating breakfast, we noticed a lot of men in suits with those cord things behind their ears, dogs were sniffing around everywhere and some were even banned from elevator use.  My first thought, was there a bomb threat??  Really, at a Children's Cancer Hospital??  Then Matt and I realized someone whom someone thinks is important must be going to pay a visit.  While getting Nathan's results and we knew he was perfect, Matt asked Nathan's oncologist, "Is the president coming or something?"  She said, "yes, but that of a former president Mr. Bill Clinton was in fact in the building".  So, as we were sitting in the Kay Kafe, here he goes walking outside holding hands with some precious St. Jude patients.

We signed on the dotted line June 26, 2012.  The house we built is ours to pay for the next 30 years give or take :) 3 days later Two Men (actually 3 men) and a Truck moved us to our new humble abode for approx. 10.5 hours.  The temp that day reached 106, I think.  While the movers finished unloading the last truckload, Matt and Mattie headed to Cullman for a softball tournament and I headed to Nathan's school for a program.  

So, today is July 10, 2012 and I would like to state for the record; Moving is for the birds~ and the birds only!  We spent a complete 8 hour day one day doing one task; HANGING PICTURES!  At first I was very precise, by hour 7-8 I really didn't care who the picture was, where it was, and how it was hanging...level or not. And, as of today, we are as "settled" as we are going to be.  A great big shout out to Pearson Homes, Inc.  We have been nothing but completely satisfied with what a fantastic job they did building this beauty.
Here are a few of my favorite pics during the build process

We have so many good memories in the other house and we look forward to making more memories in this house.